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Dear Adult me...

Hello to future self, 10 years has passed by so fast, do you remember this?
I have so many question to you and I have something very importand to tell you.
But I start with the qustions...
You are 31 now, have you become prettier than you used to be?
How do you look like? how is your body shape? it is healthy?
You have been trhough one the hardest past and memories and feelings anybody can imagie.
How are these feelings today? the feeling that brought you down lots of time of a broken heart,
how are you feeling today? Can you compare that feelings with something eles now?
Can you smile? can you laughs? Are you still the childish 21 year old you used to be?
Are you still friends with the group calling BHF? What did they do last time you talked to them?
They must be over 20 now...Are they happy? are they safe?
I love them so much, and I can't see them suffer with something. I hope you took care good of them.
For me, please tell me that they are alright.
What kind of friends do you have now? Are you still childish and love to spend time with people
who are younger than you?
How is your relationship? do you have a boyfriend? maybe are you engaged or married? or you still alone?
If you have somebody, tell me. How is he? Is he the right one? I have to tell you.
Be careful, you know what happed last time? Or...Are you still paranoid? or did you got rid of it?
Do you have real children? do you still have animals?
Where do you live? Have you reached your dreams? What are you working with?
Have your english become better? or it become worse because you stopped?
How is your art? become better and faumous?

Here comes the most importand question...Do you still hate yourself for having autism?
If you still do, I am sad to hear it really.
If you love yourself and reached everything you wanted.
I am so proud of you. Imagie this... You have gone through to much shit to end it like this.
You can make this story having a happy ending. Only you can end this story, unhappy or happy.
You live only once, why do you want it sad? Make the best of it.
If you failed, you tried.

I love you Adult Tabita, no matter what. You are beautiful. And people loves you so much...

The 21 year old Tabita.
I think we all need this letter.
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November 14, 2012
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